Biochemistry Laboratory

Unit number
Research fields
Department title
Ocean Geochemistry and Ecology
Research area
  • Search for and study of new raw material sources from marine and terrestrial flora for the purpose of idenifying complexes of biologically active substances with pronounced pharmacological activity
  • Study of the biological activity and mechanisms of action in natural polyphenolic complexes under stress using experimental models of toxic hepatitis, hypercholesterol diet, and exposure to technogenic ecotoxicants
Lab team
  • N. F. Kushnerova - Dr.Sc, head of laboratory
  • V. G. Sprygin, Ph.D., leading researcher
  • S. E. Fomenko, Ph.D. leading researcher
  • L.S. Dolmatova, Ph.D., leading researcher
  • L. N. Lesnikova, researcher
  • V. Yu. Merzlyakov, researcher
  • E. S. Drugova, researcher