Laboratory for Pollution and Environmental Research

Unit number
Research fields
Department title
Ocean Geochemistry and Ecology
Research area
  • Mechanisms of coastal ecosystem transformation caused by anthropogenic impacts and climate change
  • Dynamics of marine mammal populations in the seas of the Russian Far East in the context of ecosystem changes
  • Experimental research and modelling the impurity transport in marine environment and atmosphere
Lab team
  • Zhadan Petr Mikhailovich, Dr.Sc., head of the laboratory
  • Kasatkina Alla Petrovna, Dr.Sc., leading researcher
  • Melnikov Vladimir Vasilievich, Dr.Sc., leading researcher
  • Mishukov Vasily Fedorovich, Ph.D., leading researcher
  • Trukhin Aleksey Mikhailovich, Ph.D., leading researcher
  • Kalinchuk Victor Vasilievich, Ph.D., senior researcher
  • Ryazanov Sergey Dmitrievich, Ph.D., senior researcher
  • Permyakov Petr Alekseevich, Ph.D., researcher
  • Neroda Andrei Sergeevich, researcher
  • Kosyanenko Daria Vyacheslavovna, junior researcher
  • Almyasheva Tatyana Nikolaevna, lead engineer
  • Kovaleva Anna Lvovna, lead engineer
  • Pavin Leonid Yuryevich, engineer

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