Hydrochemistry Laboratory

Unit number
Research fields
Department title
Ocean Geochemistry and Ecology
Research area
  • Production/destruction processes in the water column, sea ice, and seafloor sediments in the marginal seas of the Far East
  • Biogeochemical processes and carbonate system of estuaries
  • Eutrophication of coastal areas and its impact on the carbon cycle
  • Early diagenesis of organic matter in marine sediments and changes of the pore waters’ chemical composition
  • Dynamics of carbonate system biogenic elements in mesoscale structures of the Far-Eastern seas
Lab team
  • Tischenko P.Ya. (Pavel Yakovlevich), Dr.Sc., head of the laboratory
  • Zvalinsky V.I. (Vladimir Ivanovich), Dr.Sc., chief researcher
  • Andreev A.G. (Andrey Grigoryevich), Dr.Sc., chief researcher
  • Nedashkovsky A.P. (Aleksandr Pavlovich), Ph.D., chief researcher
  • Pavlova G.Yu. (Galina Yurievna), Ph.D., chief researcher
  • Semkin P.Yu. (Pavel Yurievich), Dr., senior researcher
  • Vakh E.A. (Elena Aleksandrovna), Ph.D., researcher
  • Sagalaev S.G. (Sergey Grigoryevich), researcher
  • Ulanova O.A. (Olga Anatolyevna), Ph.D., researcher
  • Barabanschikov Yu.A. (Yuriy Aleksandrovich), researcher
  • Shkirnikova E.M., (Elena Mihajlovna), researcher
  • Shevtsova O.V. (Olga Vasylievna), junior researcher
  • Shvetsova M.G. (Maria Gennadyevna), researcher
  • Sereda N.A. (Natalya Aleksandrovna), lead engineer
  • Riumina A.A. (Anna Alexandrovna), lead engineer
  • Tibenko E.Yu. (Evgenya Yurievna), lead engineer
  • Chichkin R.V. (Ruslan Vasilyevich), lead engineer

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