Physical Oceanology Laboratory

Unit number
Research fields
Department title
General Oceanology
Research area
  • Research of global climate changes manifestation in the North-West Pacific and Far-Eastern seas
  • Investigation of mechanisms of variability of water dynamics and structure in Far-Eastern seas
  • Study of synoptic and mesoscale water dynamics
  • Investigation of interaction between shelf waters and deep sea
  • Generation and transformation of internal waves and turbulence and their impact on the ecological status and bioproductivity in coastal waters
  • Development of methods for instrumental measurements of oceanographic characteristics
Lab team
  • Lobanov Vyacheslav Borisovich, Dr.Sc., head of the laboratory
  • Khrapchenkov Fyodor Fomich, Ph.D., leading researcher
  • Ponomaryov Vladimir Ivanovich, Ph.D., leading researcher
  • Trusenkova Olga Olegovna, Ph.D., leading researcher
  • Simonenko Sergey Viktorovich, Ph.D., senior researcher
  • Kaplunenko Dmitrij Dmitrievich, Ph.D., senior researcher
  • Pavlova Elena Petrovna, Ph.D., senior researcher
  • Sosnin Valerij Aleksandrovich, Ph.D., senior researcher
  • Lazaryuk Aleksander Yurevich, Ph.D., senior researcher
  • Ladychenko Svetlana Yuryevna, researcher
  • Gulenko Timofey Aleksandrovich, junior researcher
  • Navrotsky Vadimir Vasilyevich, Dr.Sc., advisor
  • Starikov Anatoliy Gavrilovich, lead electronics engineer
  • Shcherbinin Pavel Evgenevich, lead software engineer
  • Gorin Igor Ivanovich, lead software engineer
  • Karnaukhov Aleksandr Alekseevich, lead engineer
  • Maryina Evgeniya Nikolaevna, senior engineer
  • Kharlamov Pavel Olegovich, senior engineer
  • Kustova Elena Vladimirovna, senior engineer
  • Sereda Amrtatjuti Vladimirovna, leading specialist

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