Laboratory of Geological Formations

Unit number
7/ 4
Research fields
Department title
Geology and Geophysics
Research area
  • Study of the mineral and chemical composition of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks of the marginal seas basement of the of the West Pacific continental – ocean transition zone. Interpretation of geochemical data in order to determine the role of magmatic and metamorphic processes in the formation of various types of crust. Determination of the indicator role of volcanism in the evolution of sea basins and its connection with metallic and non-metallic mineralization. Determination of the connection of tectonic-magmatic activation in the transition zone with subduction processes and deep geodynamics (mantle upwelling) and construction of models of the origin of the marginal seas and the surrounding continental and island structures.
  • Micropaleontological studies (diatoms, silicoflagellates, radiolarians, pollen and spores, dinocysts) for biostratigraphic and paleooceanological purposes, as well as for reconstruction of sedimentary cover formation conditions and evolution of marginal seas of the northwestern Pacific Ocean and seas of the Eastern Arctic.
  • Reconstructions of sedimentary cover formation conditions and evolution of marginal seas of the northwestern Pacific and seas of the Eastern Arctic inferred from microfossills (diatoms, silicoflagellates, radiolarians, dinocysts, pollen and spores).
Lab team
  • Izosov, Leonid A., Dr. Sci., geologist (geodynamics and tectonics)
  • Emelyanova, Tatyana A., Ph.D., geologist (volcanic petrology)
  • Obrezkova, Maria S., micropaleontologist (diatoms, dinocysts)
  • Gorovaya, Maria T., micropaleontologist (spore and pollen)
  • Prushkovskaya, Irina A., micropaleontologist (diatoms, silicoflagellates)
  • Smirnova, Olga L., micropaleontologist (radiolarians)
  • Vaghina, Natalia K., micropaleontologist (spore and pollen)
  • Vasilenko, Lidiya N., micropaleontologist (radiolarians)
  • Kramchanin, Konstantin Yu., geologist (magmatic rocks)
  • Pugachev, Anton A., geologist
  • Lee, Natalia S., (geophysicist)
  • Osipova, Lidiya V., technician
  • Teslya, Lyudmila G., engineer

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