Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Laboratory

Unit number
7/ 5
Research fields
Department title
Geology and Geophysics
Research area
  • Sedimentosphere substance fluxes as indicators of the variability of litho- and geo-dynamic and paleo-oceanological conditions of the continental sedimentary basins of the Far-Eastern Seas
  • Authigenic mineralogenesis in the areas of cold gas-fluid emanations of the seabed (methane seeps, destabilization of gas hydrates, dehydration waters of sedimentary basins)
  • Probabilistic and statistical modeling of the particle size distribution in seafloor sediments
Lab team
  • Derkachev Alexander Nikitovich, Dr.Sc., head of the laboratory
  • Pletnev Sergey Pavlovich, Dr.Sc., leading researcher
  • Mozherovskiy Anatoliy Victorovich, Dr.Sc., leading researcher
  • Nikolaeva Natalya Alexeyevna, researcher
  • Annin Vladimir Kuzmich, lead engineer
  • Botsul Anatoliy Ivanovich, lead engineer
  • Utkin Igor Vasilyevich, lead engineer
  • Luchina Tamara Georgievna, senior engineer
  • Perelomov Vladimir Alexandrovich, senior engineer
  • Sviridova Elena Eduardovna, technical assistant

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