Laboratory for Oceanographic Data Analysis

Unit number
Department title
Information Technologies

Currently, almost all the work performed in the laboratory is related to creating a distributed oceanological information-analytical system of the Far-Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This system should provide direct access to workplaces for specialists of POI and other institutes of the department, including the following resources:

  • all data on the state of the seabed, aquatic environment, and atmosphere in the waters of the Far Eastern seas and the seas of the northeast Arcticaccumulated at institutes and obtained from other sources;
  • visual aids for joint cartographic and general scientific visualization of all data types;
  • efficient software for processing and analysis of oceanographic data, modeling and forecasting;
  • to distributed and supercomputer network resources of the Far-Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences for supporting particularly labor-intensive computing tasks.
Research area
Lab team
  • Fishchenko Vitaly Konstantinovich, Ph.D., head of laboratory
  • Golik Andrey Vladimirovich, Researcher
  • Zatserkovny Aleksandr Vladimirovich, lead engineer
  • Goncharova Anna Aleksandrovna, senior engineer
  • Orbova Ludmila Aleksandrovna, lead engineer
  • Obzhirova Natalia Petrovna, lead engineer
  • Gubanov Roman Nikolaevich, lead engineer
  • Chichkin Maksim Ruslanovich, lead engineer
  • Mashkovsky Dmitry Aleksandrovich, lead engineer
  • Ishchenko Maksim Aleksandrovich, lead engineer